Your passport must be valid for six months before your arrival. Mexican migration will give you a FM3 document when you will enter in Mexico, don´t lose it because you´ll have to pay a fine.


Euros for Europeans, American or Canadian dollars can be changed in Mexico. It´s better don´t bring travelers check, because many shops don´t accept them. Credit cards are accepted in many places and you can take money in ATM's


light cotton clothes and a bathing suit, shorts, t-shirts and a jacket for light cold evenings.

A good pair of shoes. Don´t bring unnecessary clothes or objects.

Staying healthy

Visitors are eventually hit with diarrheal intestinal ailment. It´s not serious and disappear in three or four days

Drink only bottled water

Drugstores are available in all the country.



Mexican craft is very varied, good quality and in general cheap. You´ll find textiles, Wood, glassware, leather goods, semi precious stones are used to make statues, animals (obsidian, malaquite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and others) as silver – Mexico is the first silver producer in the world – the most beautiful and pure. You´ll find it i like jewelry, tableware, decorative objects.

other information


Electric current is 120, for Europeans countries, it´s better you bring an electrical converter or battery operated devices.


Don´t drink tap water. In the hotels the water is purified. You´ll find bottles of water in your room.


Temperature may change according altitude. A jacket  will serve you. To more 1500 meters of altitude, morning and night may be fresh.


It is a custom to thank guides and drivers with some tips at the end of a tour, calculate 3 o 4 euros or american dollars per day and per person for guides and 2 for drivers. It depends of satisfaction of the service



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